Sacred Affairs

Who are we ?

We are two married folks who have been together 45 years and married 40 years. 

We believe in the union of marriage and know that it can last. It takes hard work and commitment. We are a testament to how you can have a marriage that stands the test of time. You just never give up, never give in.

You love each other for all your flaws and weakness, all your talents and strengths. It really is that simple and that hard!

Why choose us?

Your wedding day is the beginning of a very powerful and dynamic relationship. It is the first step in a long journey of discovery and unfoldment. I believe that the person who marries you should speak your words and create magic. The ceremony should be heartfelt and incredible. I have been telling couples Lve Stories for over 25 years and promise that you will never forget how your story was told and neither will your guests!

Live Out Loud, Dream Lavishly and Love Forever!

Rev. Lorelei

I am a salt of the earth Austin Texas minister who will make your wedding day amazing. I believe marriage is honorable among all and have been sharing the love from above for over 20 years. I customize every wedding ceremony to each couples unique needs and desires. In so doing, creating every wedding ceremony to be remembered forever.

A wedding day filled with love and celebration and the joy that it brings.

Love, Peace and Joy!

Rev. Ed