Sacred Affairs

Love Story Ceremony

Your life together begins with your Love Story and Rev. Lorelei is the finest story teller around. 


Traditional Ceremony

The magic of of a traditional ceremony with a contemporary re-write. Simple and wonderful!


Inter Faith Ceremony

If you are blending two religious faiths together it can be hard to walk the line down the middel, Rev. Lorelei is a master at it!



Persian Sufreye

This is a one-of-a-kind ceremony with powerful symbolism and ritual. Rev. Lorelei is an expert on this and other different religious and cultural ceremonies.

Mothers Rose Presentation

Your mother's will love this when you suprise them with special recognition for everything they have done for you with a rose they can keep forever. 

Rock Blessing

This is great becasue it gets your audience involoved in the ceremony. Let's everyone convey a blessing on your marriage.

Native American​​​​​​​  

Celtic Hand Fast​​​​​​​

Unity Sand ​​​​​​​

Celtic Handfast​​​​​​​

Butterfly Release​​​​​​​