Sacred Affairs

Terms and conditions

1. Please fill out form below to be placed on our schedule.

2. Your fee will be based upon minister, choice of ceremony and location.  $100 dollar depsit is required to hold the date. Balance is due

     within 10 days of the event.

3. You will receive a PayPal invoice for the entire amount of which the $ 100 deposit if subtracted. You may pay this or send a check to 

    Starbuck Sarnella Ent. Inc. PO Box 342351 Austin Tx 78734. Please indicate the wedding name and date on check. 

4. If you book your wedding within 10 days the entire balance is due.

5. During the busy season (September through May) we do not attend rehearsals on Friday or Saturdays. We are always booked on those

    nights. However we will walk you through every step of the way via email or phone.

6. If Rev. Lorelei creates a custom inter religious wedding ceremony,  she will attend the rehearsal. Just ask for the details..

7. Your marriage license is not included in the fee. We do make sure the license is registered after the wedding.

8. We charge for travel time outside of a 30 miles radius of Austin. If you want one of us to travel outside of the Austin Metro area like

    Amarillo, Houston, Dallas or a destination outside of Texas the cost of airline travel and expenses are born by the couple.  

9. We are deeply honored to officiate your wedding ceremony, we believe that the rehearsal dinner and wedding reception is

    celebration of family and friends, therefore we do not attend either event.

10. There is no fee for rehearsing just prior to your ceremony. Wedding rehearsals on a different day are available for an additional fee  

      of $100 depending upon the day and month.

11. We arrive 30 minutes early to every wedding ceremony. To date, we have never even been late or missed any ceremony. However,

     we realize that bad weather, injuries, car problems or other unavoidable occurrences might conceivably delay or prevent arrival at  

     the wedding ceremony. If this should happen prior to the event we will let you know in advance and offer an alternative, Rev. Ed

     and Rev Lorelei will substitute for each other or find you another minister. Of course misfortune on the way to the wedding may

     occur. For this reason we give you both cell numbers for Rev. & Rev. Lorelei so keep them with you the day of the wedding. If we

     have not arrive 30 minutes before your start time call us!

12. Our ceremonies typically last up to 25 minutes, from walk in to first walk! In our experience, ceremonies that last much more than

     25 minutes tend to lose focus.  You want your guests to remember your ceremony for how beautiful and personalized it was, not for

     how long-winded it was.

13. We arrive roughly 30 minutes early for the Love Story Ceremonies.

14. We  allot approximately 2 hours total for your ceremony therefor if the ceremony does not start on time we have plenty of time to

      make it work.

Refund Policy:

1. Your deposit is NON REFUNDABLE if you cancel the wedding. You may use this deposit for up to 1 year after orginal date of wedding.

2. If you have paid in full and cancel the wedding $100 deposit fee will be retained and the balance refunded to you within 10 days of

    written notification.

3. If you cancel within 10 days of the wedding date the entire amount is non refundable.  

4. To cancel the wedding you must follow this proceedure.

    a. One of the couple must call the chosen minister.  

    b. An emailed or written cancellation must also be sent and include the names of both parties. 

    c. Any refund will be returned to the person who paid it or the card to which it was charged. 

5. If you cancel and wish to re-enstae the wedding there is a $100 fee and date and tme are not guaranteed. 

By placing your name in the box below you are agreeing to the terms and condition as presented above.   

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