Sacred Affairs

Inter Faith Ceremony

Many couples come from different religious or spiritual backgrounds, and want to create a wedding ceremony that blends both of their families’ traditions.  Many couples can't find clergy in thier own faiths that will pefrom the ceremony and thats where Rev. Lorelei comes in.  She has experience, education and training in  interfaith ceremonies that reflect the values and beliefs of different faiths, while celebrating each of them individually.  The goal is to walk down the middle acting as a bridge between the two traditions.

Rev. Lorelei has a working knowledge of many different religions and spiritual paths, and the similarities and differences between each. She has officaited ceremonies between all faiths, and has a Masters in comparative religion, she understands how to draw upon both faiths when writing the ceremony.  Her extensive experience creating interfaith wedding ceremonies enables her to create the perfect balance for you and your families.

Rev. Lorelei has created inter-faith ceremonies for many religions such as Hindu, Jewish, Christian, Buddhist, Spiritualist, Native American and Naturalist. She also has experience across cultural lines and can create the perfect ceremony for you!

Most often, hosting an interfaith ceremony means working with a single professional officiant who can create a customized ceremony honoring different faiths.  Sometimes, however, it means having two people co-facilitate the ceremony.  Rev. Lorelei is a non-denominational ministers, and can work alongside priests, rabbis, or other clergy as appropriate for your wedding.