Sacred Affairs

LGBTQ Ceremonies

This goes without saying but YEAH!!!! it is finally legal all over the US. The LGBTQ community has won a hard fought battle for equality!

Rev. Lorelei's commitment to the LGBT community began in the 1980’s and she performed her first same sex wedding in 1986. This was before it was popular to do so. As a matter of a fact it was discouraged and frowned upon. Can you believe that??? Lol ... anyway while people in her church were very liberal, same sex marriage didnt exist.  She pressed on and felt that if two souls were in love then marriage was a natural God given right! To date she has married over 700 same sex couples from Denver to Austin and many states in between.  

"Marriage is a celebration of faith, hope and love, and I celebrate that one perfect love, no matter what. I don't look at a Same Sex couple any differently than I do any other couple in love. I don’t use different terminology, or protect others issues at the wedding. There is no difference in my mind, so it is important that, while your ceremony is special to you and designed from your love story, it is really very normal. Your guests will leave knowing they witnessed a wonderful bonding of two people in love. That is all!"

Rev. Lorelei Starbuck