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Love Story Ceremony

Every good marriage starts with a Love Story. A tale of how it all started, how it progressed and where it is going. Rev. Lorelei likes to say "A love story ceremony is like a good old fashion country western song, filed with laughter, tears and the triumph of two hearts finding each other at the end." 

A true Love Story Ceremony is written from your personal story and focuses on your love, your life together and your dreams of the future. Each element is a building block, formed to be the foundation of your future together. No two ceremonies are ever the same. How could they be, no two couples are the same. 

It starts with a intro to how it all came together, then some traditional elements like the vows and ring exchange and then the body and close of your story. It will have everyone at your ceremony crying, laughing and glad they came! 

It takes Rev. Lorelei days to craft your ceremony once she receives your Love Stories. Then she memorizes the key moments and the presents it without using a script. She adds her personal ending ceremony that is fun and gives each couple a keep sake gift from her to commemorate their Love Story Ceremony. It truly is an experience that couples all over the country rave about.  

Ask Rev. Lorelei for all the details... after all she created it! 

Follow this link on how to Write Your Love Story​​​​​​​


Rev. Lorelei was absolutely perfect for us in every way. She executed the ceremony with such flawless grace. She was able to touch the hearts of everyone in the crowd while not putting focus on one religion. (Which was important to my husband and I because of the many different beliefs.) She was able to use words that spoke of us and our love and still could relate to the audience. We felt that she really had an understanding of who we are and therefore was able to convey that in every word. After the ceremony I had so many people ask me who she was and said it was such a beautiful ceremony. 
I would love to do it all again! 
If you hire Reverend Lorelei, your ceremony will be pure magic!

Amanda & Cliff 2016