Sacred Affairs

Mothers Rose Presentation

This ceremony occurs near the beginning of the ceremony and is especially sweet and touching when it’s a surprise for the Moms!

The couple places two roses with a ribbon tied around them and laid on the ceremonial table in the front. You can use any flower, however the Rose  is a universal symbol of love and can be pressed really easily in a book. (Moms love to do this!)

Usually the Rose Ceremony Honoring Mothers comes  just after the officiant’s welcome,  blessing and presentation of the bride and the couple will present the moms with the rose. The Minister then tells the mothers how important they have been in the lives of their children etc…  It also can be done right after a unity candle ceremony.

You may also write notes of love and gratitude, rolled up like scrolls, and attached to  the roses with a ribbon. In these letters you can tell your mothers how much they mean to you, tell them how much they have contributed to your lives, and thank them.

The Rose Ceremony Honoring Mothers really sets the stage for a wonderfully emotional and powerful ceremony. And the public affirmation of their importance make moms cry every time. It is important that your minister or officiant knows the importance of the words here. 

They should be really touching and powerful. I know I cried when my boys did this for me!