Sacred Affairs

Premarital Counseling 

Rev. Lorelei offers premarital counseling to all couples. She doesn’t require it but does encourage it.

Rev. Lorelei believes that love can last a life time and that every relationship can benefit from premarital counseling.  It presents an opportunity for both parties to discover amazing things about each other that they may not already know. And yes, there are things about each other that you do not know. We don’t tell each other everything, especially in the courting phase. More importantly there are things we don’t know HOW to tell each other or issues that simply have been over looked. Issues like how many children, faith and in-laws, money management, dreams, hopes and desires and the big one sex! These issues can derail the most perfect relationship and are important to talk about BEFORE the big day!

So how to get started? Rev. Lorelei will have you fill out a premarital assessment using a program at This assessment is designed to ask the right questions to get the true answers.  The assessment is about 100 questions long and you take it independently of each other. It is important that you answer the questions honestly and not try to figure out how your partner will answer them, or what he or she might like or dislike. This assessment is then put through a program that highlights the strengths and areas that need work. Once you have completed the assessment you will receive a copy of the results and she receives a more in-depth version. You then meet and discuss the results, plan solutions for sensitive issues and talk about conflict resolution.

As a licensed provider for​​​​​​​ Rev. Lorelei can then issue a certificate that will give you a discount on your marriage license. This is a nice perk but really not the real reason for the counseling.  Now the assessment is $35.00 on line which you pay for. Then the first counseling session is free!

If you all three determine that you need additional counseling on an issue, then she charges $75.00 per 3 hour session. If this is something you want to do let’s talk about it and she will send you the link to the assessment!