Sacred Affairs

Rev. Lorelei Starbuck     

     So why would you want to choose me to officiate over your wedding ceremony? You should expect and receive AMAZING. Nothing else will do!

     You know the old saying you get what you pay for? Well with me you get someone who has consecrated over 3000 weddings, commitment and renewal ceremonies in over 20 years. You get a one of a kind personalize ceremony that no other minister or officiant can copy or duplicate.

     I create one of kind, powerful, Love Story Ceremonies for every couple I work with. Never scripted, or read from a book, I speak from my heart extemporaneously. Like having a conversation with an old friend, sprinkled with all the reverence for the day!Out of my pure love for the work, I custom design your ceremony, with joy, laughter and tears.  No two are ever the same and no one will ever forget your wedding ceremony.

     I don’t accept every wedding that comes my way because I believe that the person who joins your lives should be in love with the privilege. Yes it is a honor and privilege to officiate someone’s wedding. It should never be taken for granted or read from some old tired book of wedding readings. Do you really want to have someone read a ceremony that a 1000 other couples have used? No! You want it to be your own and speak of your love and your romance. 

     I was ordained in 1996 and began my wedding ministry shortly thereafter. This is the only pulpit I work from. I also create Life Transition Rituals such baby blessings, funerals and couples counseling certified through Prepare and Enrich. 

I and Enrich.

I specialize in blending difficult religious or cultural backgrounds together in a cohesive spiritual ceremony, regardless of the religious orientation. I have studied marriage rituals in all faiths and cultures including; Inter faith, Agnostic, Christian, Celtic, Pagan, Buddhist, Hindu, Native American, and Spiritual. I can blend your ceremony so that both sides are honored and fulfill your dreams for the perfect wedding ceremony. I also specialize in LGBTQ ceremonies.

I believe that we are each an individualization of the same Love and Power that we call God or Spirit. We are as drops of water that join the same river, ever flowing, evolving and becoming the perfect manifestation of our true nature. This nature is an energy that runs in and through everything; living, and breathing in us, as us, through us. It is us... and is present wherever we are, all the time! All we have to do is decide how we want to direct this Infinite Creative Intelligence or Spirit in our life!