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Creating A Sacred Space

The truly most powerful moments, when the two of you become one, should happen for you during your wedding ceremony, but sadly it can get over shadowed by the sheer magnitude of hosting the biggest party of your life.  In the hustle of living your life and planning for the event, the real sacredness and meaning can sometimes get lost.  

As you approach your wedding, the day you are getting married, you need to slow everything down. This is where the ceremony before the ceremony comes in.  I call it a Spiritual Ceremony ... Creating a Sacred Space!

We pick a day and time within two weeks of the wedding where we get together in a very special place. We find somewhere the two of you can be together and really focus on each other. In the park, at the lake or your favorite quiet place, we meet in a casual atmosphere.  

We set the space in love, giving you a place for sharing, reflection and bonding.  I will guide you through a short informal spiritual marriage session, share with you my thoughts on marriage, on living together forever, loving for eternity. Then I will ask you to speak your truth to each other and I quietly walk away leaving the two of you to conclude your session on your own time.

This is not just another thing to do before the wedding, it is an important thing to do. Creating a space and time that you can have all to yourselves without family and friends, a place where there is no one else in the world but you!

I promise you that this will be a lasting and powerful memory in the time line of your wedding. You will always cherish this hidden and secret spiritual joining. And it’s free and part of my service to you!

Rev. Lorelei Starbuck