Sacred Affairs

Write Your Love Story 

So you have to write your Love Stories for me. How do you do that?

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE don’t just answer the questions, write a first person narrative.

Write two paragraphs or three pages just remember to tell the story from the very beginning.

Start from the beginning and tell me everything you want me to know!

Tell it in chronological order.

* Where, when and how were you first AWARE of each other? (not 1st date or conversation but the 1st

    time you laid eyes on each other)

*Where and when did you meet or actually talk to each other? 

*Was there a funny story that led to your getting together?

*Did someone special introduce you or how did that introduction happen?

*What were your first thoughts of one another?

*How did the relationship progress and who made the first move?

*How did the engagement happen who asked who, where and how?  REALLY IMPORTANT!!!!!

*What are the funny, silly things about each other that you love?

*What are the romantic things you love about each other?

*Do you have kids or pets? If so what are their names and how do they fit into your love story?

*What do you like to do that’s fun, or a hobby you enjoy doing together?

*Why are you getting married now what motivated you to do it now?

*What do you see in the future?

***And now the most important, what do you want him/her to know on or wedding day?

Wrap it up and don’t go back and edit or worry about punctuation or spelling etc., I take care of all of that! Just give it to me straight and from your heart. Then magic happens from there!

The more you tell me the more I know about you and the better the ceremony turns out.

No I don’t use 90 percent of what you write, but it really is important to tell me everything. And don’t worry I don’t use anything that may be inappropriate but tell me anyway!